The City

An introduction

The city housed the most efficient production system for manufacturing and distributing products ever developed. The Breckens, a medical doctor and scientist, had inadvertently created the tech that would make the performance of The City possible. The system of productivity was the brainchild of Adam Clark. He managed a peaceful city with a united purpose to serve those who needed their products. 

Dr. Clara Brecken, an astute scientist, developed the technology for the Enhanced Computer Chip. Her husband, Dr. Brice Brecken, made the chip compatible with the brain. When Brice brought some concerns about the device to the medical community, he was quickly ostracized and left The City to troubleshoot the device. Because of their concerns that the chip had not been thoroughly tested, they kept their baby daughter, Arin, from getting the implant. Clara modified the Exosuit technology to enhance Arin’s senses so she could get by in The City. Arin’s parents knew the suit was a temporary solution and they needed to have a plan to get Arin out of the City before she turned 18. They couldn’t tell Arin the whole story until it was time and time was running out.

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