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Welcome! I love building community around creativity and writing. I have been working on a futuristic novel for years. I have pieces and parts of it in files on my desktop just waiting to be shared with readers and writers. Writing can feel like an isolated endeavor, but our writing comes to life when shared. Our stories can be shared in many forms, but they are in our heads, hearts, and notes until they are brought to the light and shared by an interested community of readers. Share your writing passion and story links as I share my writing tips, motivations, and writing journey.


My goal is to share about a page a day and send about a chapter a week (or whatever I have finished) in an email to all of my valued subscribers. I will also share a Mindful Moment tip or quote for inspiring creativity and writing. 

When I first needed to motivate myself to write a book, I went on a Mindful Moment gratitude walk and wrote a blog post about it every day. Using all of my senses while observing the sights, smells, sounds, and weather each day made me a better writer. After 6 months of writing each day, I wrote my first book, Fire Up Your Profile For Life Work Success, then wrote Vegetable Kids in the Garden, The Vegetable Kids Cafeteria Club, and Vegetable Personality Styles. I was thrilled to find Substack as a platform to boost my writing and finish my first novel, A Band of Light

I invite you to join me on this journey. Subscribe to my newsletter. Comment with likes and suggestions. Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you offer an encouraging comment, helpful edits, or a suggestion that I use in the story, you will get a mention in the Acknowledgement section of the book. Be a part of the story and help me make it the best it can be. Contact Nancy if you have comments, questions, suggestions, or have a Substack story I can share. 

Join me, and let’s write!

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